Zelda : Fates of the world, takes place after Link defeated Majora's Mask and saved Termina. At that point, Link realises this was no accident, that the mask had been set free on purpose. He picks up the mask salesman's trail and chases him down. Link fights him, but the mask salesman is too powerful and manages to escape, not before giving Link an insight on Hyrule's future. Link blames himself for what he sees, and thinks of sealing away his soul, like Rauru once did, never again to step foot upon the land of Hyrule. He returns to Hyrule and tries to commit the deed, but Navi the fairy returns and stops him.
         Navi's appearance carrying the seed of time disturbs the ritual and instead of sealing Link, it transports them 300 years in the past. Link awakens next to the vast Hylian Forest a bit off from a small town.

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